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We are a group of freelance developers, 100% Melbourne based, who will build your website, app, or marketplace platform (aka online shopping cart or SaaS). We also do short-term consulting and medium term projects. We create apps & websites up to 50% faster and cheaper than the competition, because you deal direct with the developers - we do not have the middlemen and overheads of most software development firms. If you're willing to drive your project with some basic project management to save yourself some money, then we are perfect for you.

We connect you directly to our developers for contract work or to become co-founders in tech projects. We build bespoke solutions for business at easily half the price of hiring your own coders or other commercial firms, because 1) you do not deal with middlemen or account managers. You deal directly with the developers. 2) We have specialised platform technology that reduces the cost of development by over 50%. 3) Compared to hiring coders to build everything from scratch, most of our components are pre fabricated requiring only some customisation and we can deploy them for you almost immediately.


Our team has done work for venture capital firms and prepared business cases which resulted in successful funding and acquisitions of multiple millions of dollars. We will warn you and help you pivot early if your project is not commercially viable from a VC point of view. Agile, Lean Startup and Entrepreneurship, Auditable Business Models, Beautiful Interfaces, Interactive Forms and Experiences for various customer avatars and market positioning. We bootstrap our MVPs and projects and make them commercially viable before approaching Venture funding. We quickly prototype solutions for various industries both worldwide and locally in Melbourne, Australia (Home of tech giants Envato and RedBubble). So that you can launch your new project, fast.

Faster Completion for Your Project

Our tech is worldwide exclusive & reduces platform development times by around 50%, which saves you months and thousands in budget. Every day you wait, your competitors are getting closer to release their product first. By using our tech to deploy faster, you will have the first mover advantage enjoyed by the likes of Google, AirBnb, and Uber. Instead of waiting 6-12 months to implement the basic features of your platform, you will immediately have our system of Logins, Account Creation, Security, Database Design, Payments, Checkout, Geolocation, Order Management, Commissions, Messaging, and more. Hiring through other channels is like sawing trees for wood, when you can have our pre-fab & custom construction and be deploying your product before your competitors have even cut the planks. We have melded more than 17 years of entrepreneurial business experience with the online technologies of tomorrow. We are socially aware, and commercially sensible. We design a professional auditable business process for your security and financial safety as a bonus to our web and database development services.

Just Developers, No Middlemen

So we are cheaper. Here's 10 More Reasons to Choose Us:
30% Cheaper - No middlemen, Tech to Reduce Development Time 50%

WHY WE'RE BETTER: 1) Deal directly with the developers, and save an immediate 10%-30% on your project. No account managers, no sales staff, no admin or payroll staff, no flashy office that you end up paying for. Just pure development, lean startup methods, and world class tech. 2) Our world exclusive tech reduces traditional development time by up to 50% - saving months and reducing your cost. Why build your iOS, Android and Web apps separately somewhere else (paying 3x and reinventing the wheel 3 times) when you can have all 3 done in one move by us? Its cheaper because we reuse the common components. 3) You wouldn't build a house by sending someone to cut trees in the forest, so why would you hire a raw developer to build from scratch? And how would you tell if s/he was competent? Instead, you can have our pre-made and customised modules and be deploying your product before your competitors have even sharpened their ax. This means you will get your software cheaper, faster and benefit from years of testing, bug fixes, and patches. Which means you launch your MVP before your competitors. If they launched tomorrow - all your hopes, dreams, and plans could be down the drain. Lets prevent that. 4) We are Native English speakers which ensures your requirements are communicated properly - we will never outsource overseas, ever. No middlemen means you deal directly with the coders. 5) Our team speaks regularly to train the programming community and other firms - by engaging us, you are going direct to the trainers, and making sure your project is done right. 6) We code in open source technologies and languages so that your project will be future proof - greatly reducing issues with future maintenance. We use languages such as Ruby, PHP, Javascript, HTML, Java and CSS and their latest frameworks. 7) We are a lot cheaper than hiring a typical full time contractor, because there are no agency fees or employee on-costs. And there are no pesky Human Resources issues either. 8) We guarantee our work - you will not be charged unless you are happy. 9) Our devs are the OEM for several digital agencies, which means saving a lot of time and effort dealing with us directly. 10) You get a free consultation to see if we are a right fit for you. No obligations whatsoever. You'll be happy you found us. Just contact us below.

  • AI Programming

    Our AI tech was ranked in the top 99.6% worldwide out of 5,000 competitors.


    Our team has consulted for over 30 companies with proprietary and confidential technologies that are making the world a smarter and more efficient place.


    We have over 17 years of research into business and intelligent computer and software design.


Our developers have industry experience and are entrepreneurs, co-founders of technologies, and corporate hard hitters. We are the industry's best kept secret for tomorrow's entrepreneurs and future leaders.
Quang Luu
Project Manager, Client Relationship Manager
Jase Leow
Marketplace Platform, Web & App Developer
Richard Clarkson
Bitcoin & Android / iOS App Developer
Peter Kulushikuof
Android App Developer

Bio: Quang Luu

An entrepreneur at heart, Quang will be responsible for managing your project. As overseer and project manager, he will save you time and money, while delivering your project with the features you need and want. He runs the agile development process and conducts weekly sprints and client updates. He has worked with various software companies and dealt with small, large, and government clients. He also oversees testing and quality assurance, ensuring only the highest quality developers work on your project.

Bio: Jase Leow

Jase builds marketplaces & websites. He is a Web and Android/iOS developer and industry leader and speaker. He educates Melbourne developers in Back & Front End Web Development including Angular & JavaScript, Wordpress, Bootstrap and Laravel (PHP). He has more than a decade in development, business & finance and has consulted for over two dozen companies. Jase has a degree in Computer Science and is an ex CPA and Business Analyst, so has a unique understanding of both the business and source code.

Bio: Richard Clarkson

Richard builds iOS and Android apps. He is also our resident expert on Cryptology and the Bitcoin blockchain for cyptocurrency enabled commerce. He has a degree in Mathematics and over 15 years experience in IT Support, Administration, and Linux. His profile picture has been obsfucated because of the nature of cryptography work - he must pay special attention to privacy and online security. Richard and Jase can be frequently found together designing new platform technologies for secure crypto-commerce.

Bio: Peter Kulushikuof

Peter builds Android apps. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics and has worked abroad in tech startups in places such as Bangalore, Melbourne and Taipei. He has 6 years experience in testing, integration, IT administration and Dept of Defense contracting. Peter is well versed in Java, Android Studio, Python and also has experience with Web Development and C-like languages.

Bio: Our other developers

Our other developers Aidan Partington and Nancy Smith are well versed in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Drupal and PHP. Write to us and you will get connected with the most appropriate developer for your project.


Our developers have worked with firms big and small. Here are a few...


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